RIFT: PvP Gear Cost

I wanted to put up a quick guide to what you get at each Prestige Rank and how much it will cost to get all of your PvP gear at that Rank. It’s only specific to the thousands and the prices are as of 15/3/2011.

Rank N/A – PvP Soul

Rank 1 – This is what you get.

Rank 2 – F50,000       – Boots, Gloves, Ring

Rank 3 – F85,000       – Helm, Belt, Necklace

Rank 4 – F136,000    –  Chest, Legs, Shoulders

Rank 5 – F230,000    – Boots, Gloves, Ring, Belt

Rank 5 – F128,000    –  Purple Weapons

Rank 6 – F458,000    – Chest, Helm, Legs, Shoulders, Necklace