Re: The AddOns I Develop

I want it known that the AddOns I produce for the community are all proof-of-concept, there are 2 reasons for this behavior:

1. I don’t quite have the time or skill to flesh out some of the AddOns as much as I want to.
2. I’d much rather the community collaborate on AddOns.

The most important thing to note is that my new AddOns are under the Kopimi (read: copy me) license. This means, in terms of my AddOns, that they’re completely open source. I’m explicitly commanding Curse to allow users to upload variations of my AddOns without explicit permission from me. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be around to give permission, it just means that I want my AddOns to be COMPLETELY open source. The way I see it, if you have to ask me, it’s not as open as it should be.

My vision of WAR’s AddOn community is one of… well… community. If you wish to add 1-300 lines to your favorite AddOn, you should be able to do so without asking permission. You should be able to upload it as a variation of the original, or if the community agrees, as the primary version of the AddOn.

My favorite example of this is FozAuction. It’s a simple modification of the default auction UI. It has been downloaded just under 500 times in under a month, that’s very good for WAR AddOns right now – especially from an author that just popped up one day – unlike someone like Aiiane. People ask me to flesh this out further, but that’s not what I want. If you like multiple different auction AddOns PLEASE, for the love of the community, merge them together. Get together with other AddOn users and mix things together.

The more the community works together, the healthier it will stay and the greater we can all continue to make Warhammer Online.