Re: Waging WAR: RvR packs 

Dear Massively,

Your article shows excessive lack of general knowledge on the subject which you’re writing about. Your speculations are based on other speculations, your facts are based on pre-alpha hints, and your article overall just has a mediocrity sort of smell.

Next time, please try not to use the word “DLC” as a fear mongering tool. Show me an MMO without DLCs, and I’ll show you an MMO that has not had an expansion pack released. Your behavior towards the issue can only be compared to running around a record store screaming “DRM! DRM! DRM!”

Your job as a news-oriented blog is to report news about games, and report to the MMO community on how they’re doing in general. Being a news-oriented blog means that you should have very little to no opinion in any of your articles without a clear disclaimer of such. I’d very well consider Massively the Fox News of MMO blogging sites because of this atrocity. “Although concrete information is scarce and difficult to find…” That’s about where you stop writing. Right there. Instead, you took ideas from some of our lesser informed community and jumbled it up into a post with an atmosphere critical of BioWare Mythic’s decision to take a route most studios don’t have the balls to try and take in the western market.

“Four sets of armor and two sets of weapons per career sounds like a lot of work for Mythic – who can’t even release all of the first batch of scenario weapon art in one patch.” – Massively “writer” Greg Waller

Massively is one of those sites I expect to show at least some amount of respect when it comes to the issue of people losing their jobs. I hope you realize, Greg, that much of the Mythic staff lost their jobs in a rough economy. That’s why scenario weapon additions took a little extra time. I’m sure you had nothing to do with anyone losing their jobs, since you have never cancelled your WAR subscription, right?

All of that being said, I would really love Massively to write up a post for us explaining why exactly cheap DLC-like twice-per-year content delivery is a bad thing compared to *gasp* $40 once-per-2-years content delivery.

I’m sure that will be rife with mediocrity and biased criticism also.