On The Community: Mark Jacobs 

It’s important to me that this gets reposted so it can be seen by the WAR community. In other words, this is serious business.


Over the years decades (what a thought), I have always tried to express my appreciation for the support of the Community in my State of the Game/Mea Culpa messages. While some have thought of it as disingenuous, anyone who worked closely with me at Mythic or back in my AUSI days knows just how much I care about the players who play in and pay for the games I have had a hand in creating. Publicly I have always talked about the difference between Community and community and even when some communities were mad at me/Mythic, I was always grateful for their support. While at times I could get frustrated with members of a community when things got especially personal and nasty (being human and all that), I always remembered that it was the players who make up the Community who were paying to play our games. Back when I was designing and coding my own games (Galaxy and Aradath) I pioneered the twin concepts of “Suggest and Win” and “Bug Hunt and Win” to reward the community for helping to improve my games. I knew the importance of doing such things then as I still do to this day. That being said, it’s a really good time to once again thank you all, especially now when I don’t have a paying/playing Community anymore.

My thanks go out to all the players who have come through the doors of the games I have been privileged to help create over the years. The run that started with Galaxy and Aradath/Dragon’s Gate, passed through Aliens Online, Silent Death, Godzilla Online and grew to Dark Age of Camelot and ended with WAR was made possible with your support and I’ve never forgotten that and I never will. I have always been and will always be a believer of not treating the players as nothing more than walking and talking wallets and I have and will always maintain that belief even if/when it comes at a personal cost.

So, a special shout-out to all the communities, fan sites and forums out there whether or not I’ve been roasted, toasted and posted there, you may never know just how important you really were to me and to my games but maybe one day you will.

Source: http://onlinegamesareanichemarket.wordpress.com/2010/08/17/thank-you-vivendi-universal-interactive-publishing/#comment-2623