WAR Moderators: Unofficial Official Response

WAR Forum Moderators get $0/hour. We aren’t Mythic employees. It doesn’t say BioWare under our names, it says Moderator. We don’t have special privileges. We don’t get to talk to Devs about Developing.

It’s time for someone to shed light on the Volunteer Moderator program for WAR forums. I’ll do it.

  • Moderators a players too, and when we’re giving an opinion or response we’re giving an educated opinion or response from a player’s point of view. When I say that Shaman is underpowered, I say that as a player, not an official BioWare Mythic source of information.
  • Moderators are under the strongest EA NDA there is. Even if we had information that you don’t, and we just might, we can’t share it. We can be held accountable in a court of law. You’ll know a Moderator said something official when they’re in court the next week. So far, none of us have seen a lawsuit.
  • Moderators have their game accounts compensated. This seems like we make $15/month income for Moderators and are therefor employees, but this isn’t how it holds up in technical terms. Technically, account time costs nothing for BioWare Mythic, and they’re still paying us nothing. I don’t get a statement in the mail every 2 weeks. I get ORvR every day.
  • You can dispute Moderator actions. Talk to James if you have a problem with something we did. However, Mythic can decide to do whatever they wish in terms of forum moderation, and just like your in-game account, your forum account can be terminated without even listing a reason. So be nice.
  • Yes, your in-game account is held accountable (heh) for your forum actions. If you’re a big enough pain in our asses, you might lose the ability to log into the game. This is something that was said when the Lithium forums were initially released and I think some people have completely forgotten about it.

Please, ask questions. If you ask questions here and I don’t know the answer I will actually contact James and get it answered.

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