1.3.6 Test 2: More To Learn

Friday, August 6th.

Anyone who’s anyone who’s anyone’s anyone will be there. The 2nd 1.3.6 test already? It’s coming quick, even though I blogged about 1.3.6 back in June. It’s been a long time, hearing about changes, some of us actually giving feedback about them, and seeing new changes come through based on that feedback.

1.3.6. Test 1 saw us capturing our princess, which just happened to be in another castle. We saw the test removal of friendly collision… and surprisingly I haven’t actually seen a post about it yet on the forums. Dunno what’s up with that. That is a change that needs to come into the game, if there’s any feedback Mythic should ignore, that’s it. Ignore negative feedback towards changes I like, please.

1.3.6 Test 2 can only bring more excitement, more player involvement, and a few less princesses. This PTS build will -probably- be further along, so it’ll be somewhat closer to what the final version will feel like. I expect 1.3.6 to release August 10th if everything is going well. If too many bug reports are submitted, I fully expect an August 17th release. QA takes time, although not many new changes have been announced in the roundtable area lately, so I believe the internal build is complete.

I’m not about to link to any information on the matter, you should know exactly where to find it.

Oh, and bring your guild.