A Reply.

So, I got this comment moments ago, and I found it worthy of making a blog post about.

Here it is, followed by my reply:



how about the statistic that the game went from 50 servers to 4. Yea, 8% of your original servers 2 years later is awesomely successful.

Or how about the patch once every two months, that breaks more(by a large margin) than it fixes.

How about losing your ceo, and your entire team no longer even attempts to connect to the community out of embarrassment. (anyone heard from hickman or paul lately?)

How about going from 1 million(and more, but that was the reported number back in the day) box copies sold, to 4 servers, that aren’t even max capacity.

Yea, this game is wildly successful, oh wait…no it’s not. If you think this is successful, DAoC, UO, EQ, EQ2 are all gods compared to this game. At least none of them are the laughing stock of an entire online community.



And here’s my reply.


As I said in the post that you obviously skimmed through, yeah we’ve lost a lot of players. Most of them were not valuable. Most of them left the game spewing false information and skewed statistics, much like yourself.

There is no statistic on how many bugs are generated with each patch as compared to how many bug fixes go in. As I said, the game is amazingly well polished these days. All patches in every single large MMORPG ever created cause bugs. All of them.

We did not LOSE our CEO. Mark Jacobs left on his own account due to decisions made by Electronic Arts. Community coordination from Mythic is at an all time high right now. They talk to us in IRC, they play the game alongside us, they hold live Ventrilo Q&A conversations with us, and discuss planned future changes with us on the forums. Your MMO of choice is NOT better than this in terms of developer-player communication. Hickman and Barnett are not and were not ever designated community coordinators.

At no point in my original post did I call the game "wildly successful". At this point, it’s living up to its original promises of great RvR, while bringing regular improvements and updates, and still profiting.