PSA: Passwords & Profanity


Peoples’ accounts are currently being stolen by brute-force programs. This means that someone, somewhere is getting your account name and trying millions of different passwords until they figure out yours. Make sure your password is 8 letters long or more, with at least one number and a capital letter. Punctuation characters and non-dictionary words are also recommended, but since they make your password harder to put in, you don’t need to.

Here’s an example I made up today using calculations based on some of the best brute-force software available. The example shows the password “carrot” and how it could be safer.

password : time-to-crack

carrot : <1 second

Carrot : 6 seconds

carrot85 : 16 minutes, 33 seconds

carrot1985 : 14 days, 21 hours

Carrot1985 : 9 years, 6 months

&&{[Carrot]}@@ : 9861554213 years, 8 months




When helping out new players on the forums, please don’t use profanity. Profanity is masked by the forums as “waffle”. This can confuse new players, and you won’t be helping out at all when you say “Magus is waffle”.