Wut Skuz iz finkin: afta’ returnin’


What I love about Old Folks is that I log in and instantly get invited for something I didn’t even know was happening. I’m RR48… that means I’m simply not incredibly powerful. Honestly, I’m not great at gearing up in this game. I need some serious LV runs, but have little confidence in PvE in WAR. Old Folks still seems to respect my abilities and presence.

I’m not sure what it is about WAR. In every other MMO, I am simply the best healer you’ll get. I’m not bragging to sound good, I’m just uncontested in the other MMOs I used to enjoy. I’m nearing 5 years of nearly solid PvP healing experience. Yet I’m not incredible at WAR. Perhaps I haven’t found the perfect strategy on my Shaman, I wouldn’t be afraid to admit it. I do fumble around sometimes, wondering if I should be hotting people up, or group healing. I can often output healing very close to higher-RR players, but my confidence is still low.

Gearing is incredibly annoying. The next few sets of gear for me have intelligence on them. I question though, should I take them? Or keep my gear from b/b?  This gear is doing me well, but I really feel as though I should be getting something new by now. In any event, I don’t have anywhere near enough tokens to really get anything meaningful.


I did my first 1.3.5 City. My first time in was a PUG on both sides, and it was an easy Altdorf raid for Destruction. I got a gold bag which I had to wait 24 hours to get, it ended up being Invader boots. I got a purple bag in the final stage. It was purple boots, and while they had fantastic stats, I simply cannot lose my 5% crit bonus from my b/b set over them. Now I wish I would have taken them incase I get the b/b set hat, but we all make mistakes.

My 2nd time through was in a Raven Host Alliance premade, although it wasn’t a full premade. I could tell because we were having some coordination issues. We managed to lose this time, but we were able to get into another almost empty instance before the city siege ended. That was fun.

My overall impression of the city is very good, I wish I were around to test it on the PTS, I can tell a lot of testing and hard work went into making the city the way it is now.


I did some Scenarios last night/this morning with Old Folks, it was very good fun, I had not done a scenario since the changes. There isn’t a whole lot to report about it, it was nice seeing Gaarawar in a couple of scenarios, I had a lot of fun running away.



The only other news to report is that Skuzbat is now Pink for Tink.