I don’t mention often enough how much I love that Mythic developers leave goodies in places that we shouldn’t be looking.

I can’t and won’t give out too much information regarding this because it just wouldn’t be good for the game if everyone knew where to look to find information on inside development. Especially things we haven’t been told about yet. Things that have barely been hinted about. It’s there, however, and it’s super neat. It’s a good insight on the development process, or at least, the basic framework of the game.

It’s actually quite difficult to write about this, I didn’t plan this out beforehand. I don’t doubt that everything I’ve seen is beyond NDA, as nobody outside Mythic is supposed to be ABLE to see it.  I wonder sometimes if it’s against the TOS or EULA… but I was invited to the Core Tester program just hours after finding my original stockpile of information. The project I had found back then seems to have been scrapped entirely. Sad, because there’s a fair amount of asking for it among the community.

Note to self: I hate that “note to self” business and won’t be starting this paragraph that way. No.

I of course report what I find to Andy just in case it’s not meant to be in there. Anyone can get into this information, and we don’t need a community uproar or something started over things that are months away from being implemented. The first thing I had found, was removed from public view for a couple of builds, and then re-implemented for the Live build. I later found out that about 2 other people across the internet had seen the information, but had not said much about it.

This, however, is a bit bigger and could be considered a large game changer. I’d call it that.


The only problem I have with finding this information is: I was writing up a suggestion post with numbers and everything, all carefully planned out and such… and it was the same damn idea. Now, releasing that post would just be an NDA breach.


That being said, THIS post might be too far, and might disappear.