SkuzUI Ep. 1



…didn’t make it.

I am hoping to work with someone from the forums that is doing a full rewrite of Tortall’s DPS though, hopefully he will see more success in completing it than I did.


I did make up a neat little toy over the weekend. Due to the nature of the AddOn, I probably will not let it go public. I may hand it over to a select few bloggers but I’m not sure if I should.

Without going into too many details, the AddOn almost guarantees I get into a new scenario within seconds of leaving one. It’s basically taking advantage of my load times being slightly faster than others’.

The problem with releasing it to the public is that we’ll have a group of people that are queuing for scenarios at an unfair rate compared to the other players who just finished the same scenario. Obviously it’s entirely inside of the API and completely within the TOS… but I don’t think it would be very good for WAR if more than a few select people have it.

SkuzQueue stays in-house.


Of course Curse is still hosting some previous AddOns of mine:

SkuzLoad – Shaves off the fade-time on the loadscreen

SkuzWarning – Send GM announcements to your warband/group

SkuzSick – Iron Rock inside joke