Performance, sir. Performance.

My WAR experience should be greatly improved this time around because of a few tweaks I’ve made and a couple of equipment upgrades. I’ll go over them and what it means in terms of WAR.


I had disconnection problems last time I played, and they were definitely not server-side. I was blaming my IP.

The problem with Disconnections in relation to WAR is that the game just does not handle a disconnected player very well. If you’ve ever been disconnected on your end or in between, you may have noticed a few things.

1. It takes 5 minutes to get back in.

2. You’re now kicked from your Scenario, or back in your Warcamp.

The game isn’t handling people that disconnect quickly very well at all, in fact unfortunately I’d have to call it one of the worst MMORPGs I’ve played in terms of handling these situations.#2 that I listed is probably dependant of #1. #1 seems to be the server not realizing that you’re fully disconnected, and taking a few moments to log the character out fully. This is the part I believe could be handled much better.

How I fixed this… was not amazingly simple, but to me it wasn’t so bad. First off, I bought a new router. The Linksys WRT400N. This is a very nice router, and it was amazingly stable for about 1 month. After that 1 month however, stability flies out the window and no amount of flashing back to the original Firmware will do you any good. I switched the firmware over to DD-WRT, which is an open source firmware created by some very talented people. I did have some problems with the power output of the antenna, but using my old router to transmit Wifi is working perfect until it’s updated.

As of this post, my router has been up for 25 days, 8 hours. The connection has been up and stable for 23 days, 10 minutes.

General Performance

Simply put, I got a quad core CPU. AMD has one for $99, there’s just no better deal.

I also got an SSD, though it does not seem to improve the load times for WAR.  This could simply be the engine struggling a bit, but no worries there. It isn’t exactly an MMO engine but it’s doing very well at it.