It blogs! Also chops, dices and starts fires!

It’s pretty much like a sponge for awesome, that pops out and wrings itself out on you, sending you back to the warcamp with your pride and… well, your pride sore. A little soggy too.

While I was writing that, it was telling me that I was spelling Warcamp wrong. Chrome spellcheck, I hate you:


The Warhammer IP invented Spell-Check, or something.

Whatever they’re saying these days.

Anyways, as I’m coming back from my journey through wasted time and hard drive space, I figured I’d blog like everyone does. I have some things to say, and it’s probably best that I not say them in random places on the forums. For the sake of the children, at the very least.

I fully regret my decision to leave in the first place, but I can’t take that back now. What I can do is come back and help to make WAR as good as it can be. Certain competitors to the PvP scene are seeing very rough… well, game design right now. I saw it first hand, if WAR isn’t gaining new players right now, I’m really not sure what to say.

My monthly MMORPG budget is long-spent thanks to a short bout of depression and me reaching out to the nearest MMO I could and spending money on it: AoC. I quit it again within a couple of hours (or by the time the install was finished). Here’s where I won’t say anything bad about AoC. Definitely, Funcom could have used some of the $30mil they had banked at the beginning of the initial population decline to actually fix some things instead of advertising everywhere. They didn’t however, and I still loved it a lot. I was actually a Follower of Asura, and encourage anyone playing AoC with acceptable English skills to help them out.

Something just didn’t sit right with the game for me. I love every aspect of AoC. The combat, the quests, the story, the immersion… all of it. I can’t name something I don’t like. It just doesn’t grab me, but I still encourage people to try it out.

So WAR will see my return about this time next month. Skuzbat may or may not exist anymore as a Goblin Shaman, we’ll see. I’ve been wanting to give Order a try but I’m not sure I could give up my Manticore, or Old Folks.

It feels good to say it again,